What do I need to bring?

Pre-labelled clothing (4-5 outfits is plenty as laundry services are daily) keeping in mind the season. All clothing should be easy to put on and take off. Clothing should be durable and able to withstand lots of washing/drying in industrial machines (avoid wool).

Sturdy non-skid footwear
Health card
Nail clippers

For men, it is helpful to have an electric razor

What NOT to bring:

Appliances without prior authorization
Extension cords
Breakable items (i.e. glass, china, etc.)
Electric blankets/heating pads

Things you may want to bring:

Any comforts of home (familiar soft throw, quilt, or blanket, family photos, artwork, etc.)
Wall clock with large numbers
Favourite personal care items (cosmetics, etc.) low scent
Labelled photos with name and relationship to resident
Calendar with significant dates pre-written (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)
Treats in a sealed container.

ALL About Me booklet from the Alzheimer’s Society website is a helpful tool for us!

Please fill out and bring as you are able: All About Me Booklet


How do I pay for medications?

We work closely with our local pharmacy who supplies medications for residents. They will send a bill at the end of each month. It is a good idea to look into pharma care in helping offset costs.


Should I have cash on hand?

We recommend that valuables be kept locked up. You can set up a trust account with the Director of Finance for hair care, treats, etc.


What about furniture?

There is a 4 drawer dresser and 3 drawer nightstand for each person along with a closet and shelves in the bathroom. Some rooms may not be able to accommodate furniture from home. If able, these items must be California Code approved. Also, any appliances (lamps, fans, etc.) must be CSA approved.


How do I get a private room?

There is no waiting list for a private room. These are assigned based on need of those living in the home. There are times when room assignments may need to change based on needs of the residents, equipment, etc.


How do I get a bed at Willow Lodge?

Nova Scotia has a single entry process to enter Long Term Care. Willow Lodge is unable to take your name for moving in.

To apply for residency in a nursing home, contact Continuing Care, toll-free at 1-800-225-7225 to find out about the application process, to arrange for a Care Coordinator to assess your care needs, and to identify the best method of having your needs met.