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Our Willow Lodge family welcomes you to our loving, caring, relaxed community.

October 16, 2020
Friends and Family of Willow Lodge,
After consultation with Infection Prevention and Control, we will be returning to our designated in-housevisits, Drives and gathering of 5 people together outside for visitseffective October 17, 2020 9-4pm.
In order to facilitate this, and keep everyone as safe as possible, we have added to our screening one additional question:IN THE LAST 14 DAYS, HAVE YOU OR SOMEONE IN YOUR HOUSHOLD TRAVELLED TO OR BEEN IN CONTACT WITH SOMEONE FROM THE ORANGE ZONE (MONCTON AND AREA/CAMPBELLTON AND AREA) IN NEW BRUNSWICK?
We all continue to remain well here at the Lodge. Yesterday we began administering our Influenza Vaccines to all residents and staff, which will boost our overall immunity, as we approach the flu season.
Tomorrow, October 17, 2020 we will have a Poll for voting set up in our Little Kitchen. If you are one of the two designated care partners for your loved one(s), you are welcome to assist them with casting their vote.This will take place at 2pm.
Have a great weekend!
Stay Well, Stay Safe
Janine Jaconelli
Executive Director
Willow Lodge

Happy October…the weather has certainly been pleasant this week and we can see the beauty that surrounds us with the fall colours and feel the fresh crisp air.
Historically, this would have been the week, that we would have had our Memorial Service, to honour those lost this past year, here at the lodge.
As with so many other events, our format needed to change.
Please enjoy this video created with love and respect, honouring those who called Willow Lodge Home.
Janine Jaconelli
Executive Director
Willow Lodge

We pledge to eliminate loneliness, helplessness and boredom. We embody the essence of a community that includes everyone involved with our main goal of giving Residents empowerment over their lives and in doing so, we become educators by showing our community that aging is meaningful. In our community we create a warm inviting atmosphere, “its home”. We honour individuality, freedom to choose and ensure everyone feels equally important. Our Care Partners receive continued educational support and resources to help make their work meaningful and rewarding. We are committed to the Eden Alternative Philosophy.


Working together to eliminate loneliness, helplessness and boredom. 


To continuously maintain and enhance a community in which Residents and Care Partners grow and thrive while providing a safe and nurturing environment. 


Respect, dignity, trust, compassion and inspiration 

Our Philosophies

We believe that the rights of Residents, families, Care Partners, and volunteers must be recognized and upheld. We believe that each Resident with the support of their family, is responsible for directing their own care.

We believe that the rights of Residents, families, Care Partners, and volunteers must be recognized and upheld.

We believe that each Resident with the support of their family, is responsible for directing their own care.

We believe that excellence in service to our Residents can be achieved through the development, application and monitoring of high standards throughout the home.

We pledge to carry out the mission of Willow Lodge to the best of our ability through compassionate competent care, diligence in work, continuing education, and ongoing assessment.

Resident care depends on teamwork. We believe in each other and in the unique knowledge possessed by each of us. We will therefore work together to continually improve our services.

A great deal of research and planning has gone into Lynwood House. The Eden Alternative® approach was introduced to this new household and has evolved to a way of living in our whole building. Eden is a powerful tool for improving quality of life for people who live in a long-term care facility and are isolated in the community.

Realizing that loneliness, helplessness, and boredom contribute to the bulk of suffering in long-term care institutions, we have embarked on a journey as the Eden Alternative. This journey is based on the philosophy of care that transforms traditional “nursing homes” into living, growing, ever-changing environments for our Residents.

The Eden culture change focuses on giving care in a vibrant habitat full of life-enriching opportunities rather than providing “treatment” in an institutional setting. This is done by incorporating plants, animals and children into daily life.

These changes cannot happen overnight, nor without the support from our Care Partners, families, and community. Community education and support are key factors that will enable us to make the Eden journey successful.

Elements of Eden…Resident directed care where Residents are more involved in making decisions about their care. We’ve incorporated more plants, gardens and daily animal visits and have cats, a dog, birds, rabbits that live in our home. We have neighbourhoods instead of units. We will continue to work to eliminate the 3 most common plagues found in Residents living in nursing homes through great recreation programs, staff participating in moments that matter, an idea created by Care Partners to spend special one on one time with Residents during extra time a Care Partner might have. This enhances the quality of life for Residents, making life worth living.